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Eurovision 2018
« on: April 01, 2018, 08:32:15 PM »
In 2 weeks time I will go to Eurovision in Concert again.
This time its the 10th anniversary and it moved to a bigger venue. Downside for me that I am not on the guest list ( I know someone who works at the venue where it used to be) but decided to go, its a tradition :)

This year again a lot of countries have made an effort to send some current well produced songs.
In my opinion the UK is not one of them. I like SuRie , but I think the song is too light, too repetitive and too generic.
My Top 10::
10 ITALY :Each year Italy delivers a great song, and this one is one with a message and it is sung with the right conviction:

9 SPAIN :  A lovely duet, musically nothing new , but well written and well sung and brought by a couple who really are in love...I mean they must be!

8 BELARUS: A very well produced song with a 'hook'  that is distinctive and original.Only worry is Alexeev 's live vocals. (and his english pronunciation)

7 CZECH REPUBLIC:  Original and fun song, Mikolas knows how to bring it with the right humor and he can do it live as well.

6 FRANCE: Modern song with a message on a very artsy dance beat, love it

5 BELGIUM :The last years Belgium really know what they are doing. again a very current modern song and well produced.

4 SWEDEN: Year in year out, current, believable, danceable, clever song, clever act. He can pull it off live, so yes, again high rating for our lovely Sweden.

3 FYR of MACEDONIA My guilty pleasure this year, the chorus is so effective, and addictive...totally in love with the singer and the many changes in pace is so original. Love it !!

2 BULGARIA And also Bulgaria is exactly knowing what they are doing, very current, very well written, vocals are amazing, the haunting feeling...with the right staging, an absolute winner, simply a fantastic song.

1 ISRAEL Netta is phenomenal, she does 'loops' with her voice and builds up the song that way.She raps, she sings and has the right self asteem :)  Seen a few of her performances live and I think she is amazing. Absolutely love her.Toy is her fun song to deal the #MeToo discussion and I think there is a good chance she will win.

AUSTRALIA this year is a disappointment for me, Jessica Mauboy is great, and she will deliver it, but the song is not very original and seems to go on longer then the 3 minutes that it does.
IRELAND is absolutely beautiful , a little too slow paced for Eurovision I think, but I love it ( My number 11)
I dont know if Ryan is gay, but the official video stars 2 men in love, dancing in the streets. Either way I applaud that, its done in a way what it simply does not matter who star in that music video.
FINLAND is sending Saara Aalto , known in the UK through the X Factor, and we know she can sing, but her song is not special enough in my opinion.
NORWAY is sending Alexander Rybek again the winner in 2009 with Fairytale. This year his song is dreadful in my opinion, but his charismatic perfomance will  sure get him some votes
ESTONIA is sending Opera, and she is high on the list of possible winners, her voice is spectacular , but the song nothing special.
Finally I wanted to say something about ICELAND, they are sending Ari Olafson a 19 year old singer, who already is bullied at social media for being in tears after he won the national selection, and his song is at the bottom of the list of possible winners...and not fair in my opinion. Yes the song is especially in lyrics a bit cheesy, but the molody is nice, it has a nice build up, and he sings is effortlessly. So all the luck for Iceland!


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Re: Eurovision 2018
« Reply #1 on: April 05, 2018, 08:08:40 PM »
Are these the songs that are entered into Eurovision this year?


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Re: Eurovision 2018
« Reply #2 on: April 10, 2018, 08:43:19 PM »
Yes this is my top 10 and Iceland;s entry.
In total 43 countries and songs will compete.
First semi final is may 10, Second semi final is may 12 and the Grand Final is may 14.

As you know the UK will perform automatically in the Grand Final.

The dutch entry Waylon, is quite high in the bookies top, but I dont like it much. The song is quite simple country rock. Waylon takes it a bit to a higher level because of his voice, but nonetheless , the song is just too simple, heard it all before.

The Pre parties already started , last week London (Cafe the Paris) there was a small one in Riga and one in we speak Israel Calling , we have Madrid...and Saturday Eurovision in Concert.

Some acts/songs will be better as I thought (thinking of Australia) and some will disappoint live, and thats what I love about... everyone who is in the Eurovision bubble changes their top 10 constantly :)


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Re: Eurovision 2018
« Reply #3 on: April 16, 2018, 07:29:46 PM »
So it was a night to remember :)
This year in the bigger venue Afas live, the production of the night was better, and thankfully the sound was a lot better. They showed a sign "Use flashlights of your phone now"  when the more quiet songs came on and that was great idea, now the audience had something to do and was more quiet.
32 of the 43 eurovision acts showed up and 3500 people were there (in the clip below they say 2000 but that is inacurate)

My highlights:
Of course FYR Macedonia, that woman can sing and walk around sassy on stage, very very addictive chorus. I hope so much that it will qualify for the final.
Australia. Jessica Mauboy takes the quite generic song to a whole other level with the right energy, she is awesome.
Belarus, the song was changed a bit, and for me it worked, it has even a better build up and the slow parts were very touching for me...and ALexseev did not disappoint, his vocals were good.
Ireland, Ryan is such a nice guy and it is such a beautiful song, I loved it.
Ukraine, he is a star in the Ukraine, and he delivered a star performance, I cant understand what he is singing, but his stage presence is fantastic. Melovin is someone to watch.
Armenia,Sevak with the song Qami, this is one you have to hear live...that voice is amazing and goes straight to your soul...have no clue what he sings about, but I almost cried.
Belgium, very classy song, and she sang it way better then in Isreal.
Israel, I find Netta very talented, very unique and sincere in her message..she totally nailed it, and was the big crowd pleaser.
Finland, Saara Aalto totally nailed it too, she gave a real performance and brought the song to life. Vocally she is absolutely amazing.
Bulgaria...that gave me goosebumps, with special guest last years No 2 Kristian Kostov ; that song with those vocals is Quality with a big Q ,and Beautiful.

Kudos to SuRie who filled in for Madame of Madame Monsieur the french couple because she fell ill.

Here is a recap of all 32 songs:

And my biggest surprise:
Albania. Eugene only attended Amsterdam, and he is a was ok I thought and then he came on..he was so at ease, so naturally owning the stage by himself, so smiley to the audience, such sparkle in his eyes... and then he lets out his vocals and he  blew everyone away. What A VOICE!


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Re: Eurovision 2018
« Reply #4 on: May 24, 2018, 06:24:01 PM »
2 weeks already went by and I m almost cured of my PED (Post Eurovision Depression)

I understand that of you don't have anything with Eurovision, it must be hard to understand, but when you have been in that Eurovision Bubble for 2 months , with everyday news, everyday a pre party, a rehearsal etc ...and then its all over.

Israel won, and I am happy about it. The song is quite interesting, with new elements and a catchy chorus, but mostly I am happy for Netta, I think she really is soms talent.

Im sorry for the UK and SuRie, who handled that stage invader brilliantly. I knew however she would not get very far. The staging was quite good, but the song was not, such a shame because SuRie is such a talented , loving and funny woman!