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2012 Overview
« on: June 08, 2013, 10:05:48 PM »
13-Jan-12   Corporate Gig (National Home Builders?)
14-Apr-12   Great North Air Ambulance Benefit
29-Apr-12   Songs of Praise
11-May-12   David Gest's Birthday Party
03-Jun-12   Queen's Jubilee Flotilla
08-Aug-12   IWasThere GoogleBooth HWIB acoustic
20-25 Aug   HWIB radio tour with acoustics
07-Sep-12   MSN Event
22-Sep-12   Corporate Gig
26-Sep-12   BHS Corporate Gig
30-Sep-12   Corporate Gig, Bracknell
03-Oct-12   Breast Cancer Care
06-Oct-12   Great Scot Awards
11-Oct-12   Bobby Robson Foundation Benefit Launch (incl performance of ND)
18-Oct-12   Liverpool Fashion Week, Princes Trust
21-Oct-12   Weekend Wogan live acoustic
19-Nov-12   Brit School
22-Nov-12   The Wave Blackpool Hero Awards (performance?)
28-Nov-12   The Wave Swansea Local Heroes (performance?)
30-Nov-12   Alan Shearer Foundation Benefit
12-Dec-12   Weekend Wogan at Unity Chapel (broadcast 23 Dec 2012)